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Remember The Vengaboys? Thought their ‘legendary’ Eurodance anthems about Ibiza holidays and the like had been confined to the annals of history? Well think again.

That’s because the Dutch dancemeisters are back – and this time they’ve set their sights on Christmas rather than jetting off on Venga Airways.

And in doing so they have unleashed their own festive little number – entitled Where Did My Christmas Tree Go? – upon us all.

Nope, we have no idea what happened to it either. But frankly we’re more concerned with the song itself, with its lyrics about putting an ex-flame’s ‘clothes in the trash’ and someone’s uncle popping off unexpectedly.

Not to mention that chorus, which features the phrase ‘Where did my Christmas tree go?’ repeated on a seemingly interminable loop.

Oh, and a scene in the video where they try and decorate their tree (so they found it then?) with loo roll.

Band member Robin Pors summed up his assault on the nation’s ears by saying it was ‘a blast to be back in the studio’.

And the actual song? Well you can hear it in all its festive glory here